Morgan Batam

Plus 4


When a design is as established as that of the Morgan sports car, evolution must come before revolution. Since its launch seven decades ago, the iconic silhouette has become a defining feature.


Every Morgan is as individual as its owner. With an almost endless combination of materials, colourways, and options, to commission a Morgan, a wealth of possibility awaits.



A new superformed aluminium dashboard has been designed to house new dials, a larger LCD screen, glove box, airbags, and a solid wood lower rail.

Two-tone fabric

Six two-tone fabric colourways have been curated for the latest Plus Four. Contrasting between the seats and door cards, each fabric colour is paired with a dedicated leather choice.

Marquetry veneers

A range of engineered wood and marquetry veneer options are introduced on the new Plus Four. Taking inspiration from abstract shapes synonymous with Morgan, veneers feature along the centre column.

Door Interior

Redesigned interior door cards house a new ‘bolt-action’ door handle and speaker grille, whilst also displaying the two-tone fabric options.

Gearbox Calibrations

Bespoke gearbox calibrations have been developed for the automatic variant of Plus Four. These calibrations enhance drivability and further the dynamic quality of the vehicle.

Sennheiser audio

Sennheiser’s revolutionary sound system utilises advanced software and invisible speakers to offer an unprecedented audio experience, creating the illusion of a sound stage in front of occupants.